May 30, 2019

Web Development Versus Web Design

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Web development vs web design

Website development and web design give a close representation of one another, although they are vaguely alike. Web design refers to the usability of the website while designing deals with the functioning. Let us look further into these two topics.

Web Designing:

Web designing inculcates various principles and disciplines into the maintenance and production of websites. It deals with user experience with the website instead of the software development. This tool has been majorly used for designing websites for desktop browsers, tablet browsers and mobiles. The different areas that fall under website designing are: search engine optimization, interface designing, proprietary software, user experience design, authoring and standardized codes.

Depending upon the production process, web designers use numerous tools and techniques. They take help of both raster and vector graphics to craft web formatted designs or image prototypes.

The most common methods applied for designing websites for mobile and desktop are adaptive and responsive designing. Content is made to move dynamically across the screen depending upon the screen size in responsive designing. In terms of layout sizes, the content to be provided for the website is fixed in case of adaptive designing. Graphic designing software like Illustrator, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Inscape are used. The different elements included in website designing are:

Color: The color choice depends upon the clientele and purpose. From monochromatic to prismatic; any color choice can be implemented. The choice of selected color conveys the personality of the brand, organization or an individual trying to design the website through web-safe colors. Layout: This type of graphics, texts and ads are added upon to the website.

The main goal for the website is to view the required information the visitor seeks in a glance. The consistency, integrity and balance of the design must be maintained to achieve this. Fonts: The use of different types of fonts can make the website look attractive and eye-catchy. This can also be used to focus on a special type of text that you wish to be highlighted. Content: Design and content coherently enhance the significance of the website in the form of text and visuals.

The text must also be effective and serve the key purpose of the website. The content must contain certain keywords and must be of finite length to work effectively. Graphics: Logos, clipart, icons and photos can be added to make the website more iconic and enhance its looks. The graphics inserted must stay relevant to the content to be considered appropriate.

Web development:

On the other hand, web development turns a web design into a functioning website. CSC, PHP, JavaScript and HTML are a few of the tools used by web developers. A static layout of the website is potentially converted into dynamic website with the help of those tools by web developers. They take help of content and image sliders, interactive elements and active states for buttons and links to run the website. Web development is achieved in the following manner:

  • Deciding the purpose of development
  • Planning the outline of the website
  • Designing of the website
  • Gathering content that is displayed on the website
  • Building the software
  • Testing and debugging
  • Uploading the design onto the server
  • Maintenance and marketing

Web development includes the following steps to be followed:

  • Client-region coding
  • Server-region coding
  • Database technology

Social network applications, electronic business applications and web-based applications can be achieved by web development. Various languages are used to build user authentication, technical aspects, email services and database of the website.

The data to be presented is built by technical information by using command line interface, version control and text editors. Static websites are displayed with the help of web-hosting services such as AWS technology.
Following mentioned are the skills required to ace in website development:

  • One must be capable of understanding the server and client side scripting
  • Generating, editing and altering templates for specified web development framework
  • Testing browser inconsistencies
  • Conducting timely user testing
  • Testing for accessibility standards
  • Interactions with certain programming languages like PHP, jQuery, JavaScript and much more.

Hence, web designing can be considered as the preceding step to web development.

At MSDS entrepreneurs, we strive to provide you with the best version of web designing. We inculcate values into the work and provide our customers with the top-end performance. The uniquely designed website has core technologies with which designing has been made simpler. We engage with our audience and provide a hassle-free work.

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