Twitter Ain’t Quite Bitter; Reconsider!

Twitter Ain’t Quite Bitter; Reconsider!


Twitters from the Birds

The agility of Twitter can be intimidating yet captivating! By providing access to the mass of individuals swiftly, you will be soaring to new heights!

Confession Time

This post comes late due to Twitter blocking me until the date of my birth was confirmation I exist and of age to use the site. I gave the site the company’s launch date instead of my birthday which flagged the site I was only one year old! Accessibility to my account was immediately a no-go! My plan to use this post as a step by step, real-time, creation came to a halt. I became quite irritable last week having to wait. However, in the midst of the waiting, I was able to think of all the ways I was going to apply my social media marketing advice (by using Twitter)! The whole “change that happens in life” that I also mention in my Facebook Blog post… I am going to go ahead and add something to that besides embracing it:

Change has it’s progressive abilities depending on our perspective and actions

Due to the setbacks of being sick one week and Thanksgiving following, there came a shift in my blogging position.

I am going to share the same content, yet, apply it in an alternate method. The similar advancement is applicable to this posts’ Social Media Platform Topic!


Twitter is a different social media breed. Even though there is resemblence in content that can be shared, such as text, GIFs, photos, and videos…

…There is a different motion to the waves of the Twitter ocean Y’all! (I’ll get to that in the end.)


Thus far, while sharing information about the world of Social Media, the initial step to take is enhancing your profile!

The following images are from MSDS Entrepreneurs’ Twitter Page with some tips!


  • Your banner & Profile Image: Add a photo and/or textual graphic designs. By applying the Company slogan “Simply Smart Solutions,” I took a minimalist approach of creativity with a personal photograph of North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii’s’ ocean for my banner! The “D” in MSDS Entrepreneurs stands for “Dream.” Many individuals (myself as well) dream of escaping to a tropical paradise! A subtle touch with a play on words can be a clever twist to use. Hopefully y’all will do better with that than I!
  • Your Username, Hanger, & Bio: Making this portion of your profile memorable is key! An easy username and hanger that portrays the name of your business provides an equally easy way to find your page. Words will always matter to people. Twitter emphasizes this with the word count limit. Choosing the right words is quite essential. Be sure to get your point across with a personal flair. Also…hashtags. Use two-three hashtags that is in association with your business. Apparently avoiding acronyms such as the “B.F.F.’S” in my Bio photo above is a social media hack. The editing text update I chose to replace the acronym (for clarification & punctuation): Besties’!


Twitter users, alike to Facebook & Instagram, have a variety of demographics. Over 330 million Twitter users are scattered across the world, gender is evenly distributed, and higher education is a feature. When it comes to the age demographic, the most active audience in Twitter are between the ages of 18-29 and ages 30-49 as runner-up. This is a fresh start for some and followers are not just going to flood your notifications. You will immediately notice Twitter provides you with people to follow. Utilize the search bar to find specific cities far, wide, and especially local. Seek out businesses you find interesting, competitive, and in direct correlation with your niche.




Visually appealing content will be far more engaging and effective to reach your goals. Whether those goals are to make a certain quota of followers, likes, or retweets…they will all be obtainable as long as your material is captivating. Prepare and share videos. Also, implement live video streams! Your content should additionally show how you are keeping up with the latest/recent updates with subjects pertaining to your line of business, as well as, important events taking place around the world. As long as people know you have awareness of what is happening around you, they will feel the inclination to continue witnessing what you have to share or say. Twitter users will most definitely pay attention to media posts that avoid sacrificing too much of their time.



Remember how a few scrolls up I mention, generally, Twitter users dislike wasting their time? Well, that is because of how quick material is projecting onto the platform. Twitter is like a bird; always flying off somewhere to chirp a message to another creature and they’re FAST! Twitter requires us to pick up our pace with what we share and when. Activity on Twitter peaks between 12 PM and 3 PM, then back up again from 5 PM- 6 PM daily. Paying attention to the weekly activity is important because it matters more on what day to post. Beginning Thursday, activity increases through to Sunday and drops back down by Monday.


  • Use your Twitter as a customer service resource. This is an amazing way of interaction! If your clientele is reaching out to you on Twitter, they need help, and they expect a quick response.
  • Commenting & Re-Tweeting a post raises the likelihood of further communication.
  • Twitter has an option to use polls in your posts, and unlike Facebook, they have more than two choices to provide followers!


I sure hope this long post was worth the read! I hope we can all progress with Twitter! Feel free to follow & I will follow back! Username: MSDSEntrepreneurs Handle: @MSDSEntre

Have a great week & stay tuned for our next post!

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