July 21, 2020

Latest Content Marketing Trends

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Are you familiar with the top Content Marketing Trends? If not, time to get creative!

As we've already mentioned, content is a key component to your inbound marketing strategy Remember that content is not an experiment. It's a proven strategy that helps you engage with your customers and lead to more sales. Your content aligns with your customer or clients' values, needs, and desires. It can also show new information that piques their interests and builds trust.

It can be easy to fall behind the trends, but that's why we're here to help! Try following these top content marketing trends and watch them work wonders for your business.

Video Storytelling

Remember that it's important for your business to leverage Instagram stories. If you're appealing to a young audience such as Millennials or Gen Z, you must generate compelling video content to match the interests and attention span of your audience. Studies show that 62% of users would rather view a brand's message on video than through an image or a post.

The good news is you don't need a ton of fancy equipment to create a compelling video. As long as you can tell a good story, your video will be a success.


Like video, expect to see a huge increase in audio content. Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience by focusing on one interesting topic that gets people tuning into your message. They also help you connect with other people in your industry. Consider interviewing a local CEO or manager. Having guest stars or interviewers can help boost your following and support related businesses.

Do not put time or effort into your podcast if you don't plan on using it. Don't think you have to get a podcast just because it feels like everyone else is doing it. Use your resources wisely so you can optimize other content marketing strategies. When you're just starting out, the smaller the better goes a long way!

Create Data Driven Content

Gone are the days where you can create a bunch of visually-pleasing content and hope that it sticks. Unfortunately, going with what feels right isn't going to help you stay on top of the best content marketing trends this year.

If you're creating content, you must think like a strategist. This will ultimately work for your benefit. Think about it. Why waste all that time, energy, money, etc. on content no one will ever see? If your content is data driven, you can stay on top of your customers' interests, habits, needs etc. and bring in more sales.
The best way to get started is take a look at the metrics of past pieces of content. Analyze which ones performed better than the others and why. Be sure to use Google Trends and HubSpot to stay on top of customer trends so that your company's content will remain data-driven and engaging!

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