Thinking Again About LinkedIn

Using the Other One

As a professional networking outlet, LinkedIn ranks as one of the highest.

Yes, LinkedIn is comparable with Facebook.

However, LinkedIn is the more serious of the two.

People use LinkedIn for business matters more than Facebook.

LinkedIn provides qualified paths of discovery and communication (ESPECIALLY LOCALLY)!!!

By incorporating this social media source, we see the potential to act on for enhancing our businesses.

If you have yet to create a LinkedIn account, open a new tab or window, and follow along.
For those who already have an account, hopefully, there will be some refreshing ideas you too can follow along with and update your profile!



I am positive there is a day each month, at least once, someone known or not reminds us of the impact a first impression can leave.

Of course, that makes perfect sense! More than ever in the modern age first impressions initiates continuance.

Within the Social Media Realm, coming across a profile, instantly we are looking to see if we should keep reading about the individual, research the company further, view more photographs, navigate through their history or connections, and quite possibly add them into your connections as well.

In order to reach that result of another follower, and a serious one at that, we must have a profile that engages the audiences we seek.

Visuals are the most captivating forms of attention grabbing-even more so than words.

All the forms of communication and convincing another, visual representations are the most compelling.

Find the best images of you; such as a headshot. Establish an attractive and complementary banner to match your profile picture.

Remember to have your profile best represent you, your personality, and uniqueness.

I feel mine needs more updating.

Switching to a headshot from a full body photograph with illegible information already shines a better light.

Basically, the previous photograph is of me standing next to my final results of the music study I mention in my first blog post. Though it is professional and flattering, it is not a clear representation of me.

The other bummer is incorporating a bland and basic banner.

My recent changes are good; they can be better.



Now, I will share my LinkedIn profiles link at the bottom of this post. I extend now the offer to add me, follow me, and share with me how I can improve my profiles.


For web development within a social media profile such as LinkedIn, this is an additional form of portraying personalities.

Essentially this specifically means to say who you are and what you do with indications the information is worth their time and interest.

Once more, I believe there is room to enhance my background and latest involvements.

My direction is towards my future.
I still include my past experiences in correlation with what I do now and what I will do in the next few years.
I see myself on a film set and I want those who have experience in that line of work, that come across my LinkedIn profile, to be aware of this.

Your businesses’ future is evidently in need of awareness.
Yes, it is appropriate to include previous work.
Even more quality is inside what is it you are specializing in at this time, as well as where you plan on it taking you.


Precisions and detail of what it is you specifically specialize in simply exhibits your focus. Using keywords in the headline is an appropriate setting for your line of action. (This is a part of my exploration. I am still searching for my niche).
Of course, you want to include every other awesome mastery attributing to your career development. Give the viewers the best of the best and leave out the rest.


The fact of the matter using LinkedIn is to discover and gain leads.
Generating your leads will become easier with the advanced features LinkedIn provides or other companies provide.
Sales Navigator is my promotion of choice.
The programming allows you to specify your target audience and their demographics.
Establishing where your leads will be found, what they are doing, and who they know will manifest your goals reachable than simply using Facebook Marketplace.

This portion is essentially the UTILIZATION I discuss in last weeks Facebook Blog post.
Target Audience: Serious, Qualified, Business representatives and ADULTS.
Content: Maybe a meme-a-day is going to keep your next lead away-UNLESS, it is your niche to work with Meme Creators-then obviously, you need to post more than a meme-a-day! #thosearerookienumbers #wolfofwallstreet Truly though, provide distinct information with visual captivation for your target audience. They will be ecstatic to communicate further.
Timing: Tuesday morning at about 8 AM, Wednesday morning at about 10 AM & 3 PM, and Thursday 11 AM involves peak traffic for most LinkedIn users. Take advantage of having material ready to share, on those days, and in that time frame. The middle of the week for us business workers is prime time. A possible goal to utilize timing is to find a lead Tuesday morning, lock it down by Friday, and celebrate on the weekend!

I appreciate the time Y’all have taken to read this weeks post. Next week will be information on another popular social media platform. A little birdie is giving me signals to talk about them in my next blog. Hope Y’all will join me then! For now, PLEASE, …


Perhaps the company I blog for too:



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