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Best Remote Team Building Activities for Your Business

Working at home has become the norm. Even before COVID-19 many people opted for careers that allowed them to work from home. Remote team building activities can strengthen your business no matter what’s going on in the world. Virtual icebreakers, games, and more help remote workers feel more connected to their team. Follow our strategies for team building activities for a company.

In light of the pandemic, people need connection now more than ever. According to psychiatry.org:

  • 48% of Americans are anxious about getting the coronavirus
  • 40% of Americans are anxious about dying from the coronavirus
  • 62% are anxious about the possibility of loved ones dying from the coronavirus

In other words, remote workers have a lot on their minds! They could use a fun and heartwarming distraction. When workers feel connected and valued, they are more likely to produce work that benefits the whole team. Virtual team building activities can remind workers that they are seen and valued by their employers. It’s also a chance for teammates to get to know one another in ways they haven’t before. Even if workers are not anxious, virtual team building activities can help rekindle their excitement. It’s important for managers and supervisors to participate in these activities as they help build trust among employees and employers. Ready to connect with your team? Let’s begin!

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Top Remote Team Building Activities


Icebreakers, or getting to know you activities, are a fun and easy way to inspire your team. With icebreakers, people’s personalities have a chance to shine. They also give workers who are more introverted or shy a chance to speak up in a safe environment. Here are a few icebreakers to try out on your team:

  • Two Truths and One Lie-Each employee shares three things about themselves. Two of these things are true, but one is a lie. The other employees must guess which ones are true and which one is false. The results may surprise you (in a good way!)
  • Rose/Thorn: Here employees share one positive (rose) thing in their lives, and one challenge (thorn). These can be work or non work related things. The rose/thorn icebreaker helps employers take a pulse on where people are at. It’s also a good chance to see how personal or work-related challenges can be used to an employee’s overall advantage.

Open Mic

Your team has talent! You wouldn’t be such a successful business owner if this wasn’t the case. But what about those with hidden talents? Consider hosting a virtual talent show. Time for those poets, musicians, storytellers, comedians, and more to shine! A virtual talent show is a great way for employees to feel seen and heard. It also gives them an opportunity to reconnect with skills they may not get to use in the workplace.


Who doesn’t love trivia night? Before COVID-19, businesses could take their teams out to bars, restaurants, etc. for dinner and a fun dose of trivia. With brick and mortar businesses shutting their doors, the U.S. has had to take their festivities online. Consider hosting a work or non work related trivia session online. You’ll get to test your team’s knowledge in a fun and relaxed way. Remember we are in this together. Check out these COVID-19 resources for small business recovery in Texas

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