15 Web Design and UI/UX Latest Trends

Top web design trends for your website

This year has been off to a great start – which makes this a perfect time to discuss the hottest design trends for this year. Let's get down to reviewing some of the more popular trends in user interface designs that are making waves in the inter-web right now.

1. Full-screen background images 2. Several interactive layers 3. Custom Digital Illustrations 4. Storytelling with the help of character design 5. Split Screens 6. Bold Typography 7. Buttonless User Interfaces 8. Colors that are bold and vibrant 9. Interface animations 10.Hero Images on Landing Pages 11.Pages that are styled like posters 12.Experimental Layouts and Palettes 13.Personalized experiences for each user 14.High-quality photo content 15.Diversity in interface design

1. Full-screen background images

One of the web 3.0 design trends which are widely found in various websites is the use of background images that are full screen. They may be photos or visualizations that are specially rendered. This kind of approach makes the screen look visually and emotionally appealing. At the same time, full-screen images support the feeling of integrity among all the elements used in the layout.


2. Several interactive layers

Many of the web design trends have left us with ways of doing creative experiments that are continually being carried out by user interface designers to find new and exciting ways of creating interactive and engaging web pages. One of the upcoming trends is to apply various interactive layers that would make scrolling through interactions more inventive.


3. Custom Digital Illustrations

Web design technology trends have ensured that custom digital illustrations do not lose the position they hold. These digital illustrations are becoming more prominent on web user interfaces.  Custom graphics are created in numerous styles, and effectively embolden the first impression of the information arranged on the website's page. In addition, these ambitious graphics bring unique creativity to the scene.

Websites end up applying custom icons, illustrations and mascots to boost the look of the page along with promoting usability and natural navigation. In addition to this, the use of images improves the accessibility of UX design, thus pushing the limits of conceptualization for the users who tend to have natural problems with recognizing text, such as, non-reading preschoolers and the dyslexic population.


4. Storytelling with the help of character design

One f the latest web design trends is using custom graphics that open up the doors wider to the possibility of storytelling in the rendered interfaces. More and more websites are now turning to specially designed characters to tell the story, set the atmosphere, send a message or present the benefits in a way that corresponds to the tone, voice, and mood of the platform.


5. Split Screens

A 2018 web design trend that is still popular this year is the active use of split screens on web interfaces. There is nothing new in this trend, it has been an on again, off again fad that has come back in various forms of design, and is now back in style.

This approach is considered to be very useful when it comes to responsive design as it allows you to play with variations of the content without overlooking inconsistencies. Not only that, but it also reveals the immense scope of color combinations and design experiments that are available to you. Many websites make use of split screens to represent their surplus of options.


6. Bold Typography

Another one of the modern web design trends is the use of bold typography. Bold and aesthetically pleasing typography is overtly present in many modern website layouts. In most cases, the font used becomes one of the most critical design elements, for this reason, designers pay close attention to the legibility. Being mindful of the typographic hierarchy and choosing appropriate fonts is one of the core tasks in every user interface design project.


7. Buttonless User Interfaces

Another top web design trend is to use select images for buttons while buttons are still one of the most vital elements when it comes to the design of user interfaces. However, this year, we have seen more creative practices being applied to website experience design through interface interactions without the use of traditional buttons. This approach is quickly becoming popular as it saves precious space on the user interface and is believed to be an initial step towards the creation of virtual interfaces.


8. Colors that are bold and vibrant

One of the more prominent web design color trends in user interface design is using a wide variety of color palettes when choosing colors for websites. Palettes ranging from bright to dark schemes are mixed together to fashion a vibrant and engaging interface. Designers are constantly trying out new color combinations while taking full advantage of how immensely diverse the world of colors is, and assuring that usability is at an optimum level. More and more new creatives are discovering greater horizons that combine innovative approaches with traditional techniques in the area of color options.


9. Interface animations

Interface animations as the best web design trend are still a popularly debated topic. Even with a massive army of people who find that user interface animation is an optional feature; that overloads the user interface and makes it more complicated, most users now deem 'motion' as an integral part of the interactive experience. Consequently, designers and developers are seeking sophisticated methods of making animations more appealing while turning them into a problem-solving feature.


One of the latest web design trends is the use of hero banners. These hero banners are large, attention-catching images that pull the user in during the very first few seconds of them interacting with the web page. They contribute an immense amount to the visual layout of the central area of content. Hero banners have proven themselves to be very useful in setting the mood and conveying the paramount message. Just like any other graphic that stands out on a web page, hero images are the sort of content that brings emotional appeal while also conveniently displaying the intended message.


11. Pages that are styled like posters

A new web design trend is styling pages to look like posters. When images are correctly chosen and combined with stylish typography, it helps the page stand out amongst the crowd and pulls the user’s attention to the offer at hand.


12. Experimental Layouts and Palettes

Another current web design trend is the use of experimental layouts and palettes for designing a webpage. The movement of experimenting with layouts and color palettes by combining what may seem like incompatible combinations has not decreased in popularity. Instead, it is still very much in fashion and brings out fresh, original outcomes every time it is put to use correctly. Even the most unusual and creative combinations are produced with in-depth knowledge of color psychology, color theory, and the virtuosity of user interface designers.


13. Personalized user experiences

One of the leading web design trends that also dictates the web page design is the personalization of the user experience when it comes to website navigation and interaction. This year, we are noticing a powerful movement that delves deeper into sophisticated ways of producing deeper levels of personalization when it comes to the user experience on the website. It means that the designers have to present a higher functionality with which the users can customize the various features of the website and navigation to suit their tastes and needs.


14. High quality photo content

Another one of the recent trends in web designing that is gaining popularity this year is the extensive use of artistic and high-quality photo content. Photography is a great way to impress your audience with clear and realistic visuals along with setting the needed associations. With the rapid development of stock photo websites, designers now have more opportunities for finding good quality images. However, for specific projects like e-commerce, the creative team undertakes the shooting of the content as per the goals of the product in question. This is especially true of toys, fashion, drinks, and food.


15. Diversity in interface design

One of the key takeaways in web design trends is the building up of much diversity in interface design – and this is what we call the most user-friendly trend to hit the market. Tons of users with different preferences and tastes, assorted favorite characters and styles, and particular feelings about what makes them comfortable and looks beautiful for their project are using websites as an integral part of their daily lives.


Time will have the final say on which trends will still be popular by the end of the year.

Allow Yourself an Intro to Web Development

 Importance of Web Development in the Business 

Today I have the pleasure of providing simple, basic material based on the Importance of Web Development in the Business. I will try to my best to keep thoughts organized, informative, and beneficial to your time and effort to read (and hopefully apply).

Web Development

If you are thinking that the two words above say enough, I am sorry to tell you, those two words are not enough. There is more to this topic than just putting together a website. Technology has advanced with doors open to allow other resources available. Within the advancement of technology, there is the advantage of increasing exposure and traffic to your line of service! Currently, having a website generated for your product or business is the best way to gain valuable clients.

Web Development encompasses other topics that I will blog about in further details. Each piece of these topics is vital to making sure the process of one's website is created is tailored to specifically on enhancing everything about a company. Among those tiny post-it notes, are just a few of the subject matters to address.

Themes Among Web Development


First impressions matter and the layout of your website will be the image primarily associated with your business.


Having easy, quick access to information about your company makes a huge difference when the process is smooth sailing.


Determining how your website will be created and maintained is an important step from taking what you have drawn out in your mind and putting it onto the screen.


This portion is wrapped around the graphics, font, and other details of how your website will be displayed.


JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP, and Node.js are the languages that represent the back end of the content and functions of a website. It is represented visually by many lines of code.


How you execute what you want to share to the world wide web is extremely essential for catching your audiences attention; engagement of your content is an example of this.

Web Responsive

Basically, this is making sure your website is accessible and able to be navigated through effortlessly whether on a computer desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Testing Features

This is done before taking your website to live for all to see. Doing this can help one catch any bugs or glitches found on the website.


A process of measuring the traffic of one's website to better determine if any changes could be made to increase the flow of traffic.

Benefits to Applying Each of the Above Targets

Targeting these themes will provide you with a chance to reveal a vision. You have the ability to be creative and stand out from competitors. You want to do all you can to avoid stopping here. Just because your website is built does not mean everything is done and you can chill. This is just the beginning of all the fun!

Tips & Pointers

You must make sure you are engaging anyone who can come upon your website. You want to make sure your content is worded, properly, as to keep a potential client absorbed. If followers are a priority for your website, you must make sure your content is up-to-date and fresh with new content. Lastly, probably one of the most important tips is to make sure you give people something to connect to and you want that something to be you. Having information and your taste as a part of YOUR website allows a client to feel more willing to do work with you based on a relatable foundation.

Dream Envision Plan Organize Develop Create and SUCCEED!

One more tip I can offer (that I myself struggle with on a daily basis) is to allow yourself patience with your attempts. If a direction you took on developing your website turned out to lack the leverage you sought or the potential, seek after another path, stick to it, and you will be able to see your business grow! Thank you for reading today and I hope y'all can gather some insight to apply. Once again, if you have anything to share or add, please feel free too!