Social Media Marketing: Try Out These Popular Types of Interactive Content

Interactive Content can help your business stand out from the crowd

There’s no getting around it. In 2020, website visitors are picky about their content. From video marketing to social media optimization, quality content is a MUST.
But how do you know which content to focus on? We believe that interactive content is worth your time and investment. Visual interactive content is a surefire to keep your audience entertained and informed through the end. Interactive content is more likely to keep your audience’s attention which will do wonders for your ROI.

More importantly:


That’s right!Interactive content will boost your conversion rate significantly. And the best part is, interactive content is fun and easy for content creators and users alike.

Types of Interactive Content to Explore


While quizzes are no fun for students, they are perfect for social media users! Consider creating a fun and simple quiz to post on your social media stories. Quizzes are a great way to learn more about your audience. In return, users learn more about themselves. The results feel personal and genuine. Feel free to create humorous quizzes in addition to quizzes related to products, services, and needs.


If you have the technology and creativity, consider creating a game visitors can download or play when they visit your website. Games are a very popular form of interactive content. Sometimes the best games are simple. Whatever route you choose, your company when associated with a fun and helpful game.

Graphs & Charts

If you’re trying to sell a product or service, chances are you have a lot of data. This data could be about the research you’ve done to optimize your product or service. Maybe this data is about why your specific audience needs or is looking for your solutions. Either way, data can be long-winded and difficult to understand. An onslaught of numbers and statistics gets old as well.

Graphs and Charts help you present this information in a meaningful and visually pleasing way. It’s easier for users to process your data when presented visually. Graphs and charts also help users be more selective in the information they receive. Users can simply hover their cursor over a specific bar to get the data they’re looking for.

Motion Graphics

Like all forms of video content, motion graphics are getting a lot of attention from users. The best types of motion graphics are no longer than 2 minutes. Make sure your graphic is visually-pleasing and optimized for your website. No one wants to wait on a motion graphic that’s inappropriate or will not load. The great part about motion graphics is you can get creative on the types of media you use. We recommend having a balance of text, images, and voice overs to keep your audience engaged and informed.

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