Small Business Guide: The Best Tools Used for Big Data Analytics

Small Business Guide: The Best Tools Used for Big Data Analytics

Are you familiar with the tools used for Big Data Analytics?

Big Data analytics is the process of analyzing market trends, complex patterns, and customer preferences so businesses can make better decisions.  Sounds complicated, right? Fortunately, Big Data can be understood through a number of helpful analytics tools so your business can stay on top of the game.

Why use Big Data Analytics?

Repurpose Old Content for New Leads

With the right tools, Big Data analytics is not as complicated as it sounds. Big Data analytics helps:

  • Spark new revenue opportunities– Digital footprints can help businesses make better financial decisions. Big data tools that evaluate finances can show where your business should invest its money and resources.
  • Improve customer service – Big data offers a lot of insights into your customers. The best tools used for big data analytics can reveal customer demographics, behavior patterns, shopping preferences, and more. Understanding how your customer/client thinks and why will improve how you engage with your customer through communication and marketing.
  • Understand and outsmart your competitors-Big Data tools can help you get insights into your direct competition as well as the top leaders in your field. Applying these insights to future sales and marketing strategies can improve your business.
  • Uses location to your advantage- You know how big data tools can offer insights into your customers? The same goes for your location! It’s important for small businesses to focus on the pros and cons of their environment. Take time to nurture a local client base. Customers like to see that you are connected or involved in a local community. This will help you gain a loyal following which can do wonders for your social media presence. 

tools used for big data

The Best Tools Used for Big Data Analytics

You might have heard that big data tools can cost A LOT of money. This makes sense considering companies like Facebook, General Electric, American Express, etc. invest in the world’s top big data software.
In order to compete in today’s market, small businesses need resources that continue to benefit large businesses. But how is this done without the extra cost?The following cost-effective tools can help you understand big data so you can strengthen your inbound marketing strategies. 

ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data helps your business make better decisions by analyzing your business’s internal data in relation to publicly available info. The great thing about ClearStory Data is that it’s visually appealing. The insights are displayed using their StoryBoard feature. Here you can create interactive graphics and visuals, like you would on Instagram.  
Now is a great time to promote your brand via video. Consider creating instructional videos about your product or services. Go the extra mile by making your content relevant to COVID-19 related concerns. For example, if your business is part of the wellness industry, consider showing a video on certain strategies that can improve mental health during these times.
Pricing: Quote-based plan

tools used for big data analytics


Looking for another way to improve your email marketing? Kissmetrics might be the big data tool for your business. This big data tool allows your business to send email campaigns based on customer behavior. Basically, this tool allows you to view metrics beyond click through rates. Kissmetrics also has ways to improve your social media presence and current lead magnets like e-books and webinars.
Pricing: Current plan starts at $500 a month.
We recommend investing in other big data tools that work within your budget. If you don’t have the resources for big data tools at this time, then play to your strengths! Take some time to evaluate your current strategies and see where and how you can improve.

tools used for big data
At MSDS Entrepreneurs, as an inbound marketing agency, we offer affordable marketing solutions. We have one objective: To make sure your company shows up whenever a customer searches for your products or services so you can get more sales.

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