MSDS Entrepreneurs?

What is MSDS Entrepreneurs?

MSDS Entrepreneurs is a top Houston marketing agency and web development company with clients all over the country. We believe that our clients are our partners, and that rapid web design and inbound marketing packages should be affordable and easy to implement.

We pride ourselves in being a Houston company. Houston, TX is home to more than 100,000 small businesses, ranking #9 nationwide for number of small businesses. Investing in small businesses helps support the local economy. We care about our community within Harris County and beyond. Our clients are successful, award-winning entrepreneurs who give back to their communities even in these trying times.

When you partner with MSDS Entrepreneurs, you partner with people who care about your business’s unique needs and goals. Our services include:

Content Marketing Services

Our content writers create results-driven content that will improve your online presence. FYI: websites that produce regular content receive 8x more traffic than websites that don’t take the time to update their blog or landing pages.

Website and Graphic Design Services

Our team will help create a powerful website that gives your business the visibility and creditability it needs to get new customers. Remember that effective websites convert visitors into paid customers!

Rapid Web Design

We build sites that reflect your brand and deliver a great first impression. We deliver affordable web design FAST!

Social Media Management Services

As a part of our commitment to grow your business, our in-house Social Media Specialists will manage your new or existing social media accounts.

Search Engine Marketing Services

SEO plays a big part in getting you to the top of the page. Having your web pages filled with high-quality content is one of the best ways to rank high in an online search. Our inbound marketing includes filling your website with strategic content written by an in-house expert.

Who We Are

Dawood Kokawala

Dawood has dreamed of being a technology expert for as long as he can remember. As “software houses” began to pop up in his hometown, he dreamed that he would one day create his very own. In 2017, with more than 24 years experience in web development, design and software programming, he launched MSDS Entrepreneurs in Houston, TX and accomplished that dream. He has an unmatched commitment to client satisfaction that is fueled by his personal philosophy to only do what benefits the people he serves. Coworkers and clients often hear him say, “If you can dream it, we can build it.” When he believes in something, he sees it through from conception to reality, no matter what challenges he encounters. The end result is happy customers who receive highly effective websites and software that exceed their expectations.

Munira Yamani

Munira was born in India. Her family moved to the U.S. in 1997, and she completed her studies in Florida at the University of South Florida. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems, she spent several years working as a real estate agent. She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and traveling. She is also an active member of her community where she helps conduct lessons for children. When asked, Why digital marketing, she says, “I like to help everyone. I feel like I can help businesses grow through the use of my marketing skills and technology experience. Living in the Woodlands has made me more conscious about our environment. Reducing paper usage and taking advantage of the digitalization era that we are living in today made me more passionate about digital marketing.”

MSDS Digital Marketing

If you are searching for DIGITAL MARKETING IN HOUSTON TX, you have come to the right place. We have a pretty simple way to make your brand visible to a large-scale audience and help you connect with them.

Contact Details

(281) 786-0005

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5519 Louetta Rd Suite F, Spring, TX 77379

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