Marketing Funnels for Small Businesses Explained

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Everything You Need to Know about Marketing Funnels for Small Businesses

As you know, conversions turn website visitors into customers. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a very important part of marketing because it has the power to increase your revenue. One way to increase your revenue is to use marketing funnels.

Marketing funnels or sales funnels are another visualization tool that can help turn leads into customers. It's a model that shows how your marketing strategy guides individuals along their buyer's journey. Marketing funnels cover everything from the customer's awareness stage to the conversion or sales stage.

Marketing Funnels are great for small businesses because they help you really understand and connect with your current audience. They help you plan, implement, and assess certain strategies so you can grow your audience and boost sales.

The Stages of Marketing Funnels

Marketing funnels are an easy and structured approach to getting more customers. You just need to know the stages! The following stages will help you create the best funnel for your business.


Attract or awareness is the first and largest stage of your marketing funnel. It's big for a reason! The attraction stage consists of marketing campaigns and consumer research. It's all about how you drive traffic to your website. An effective attraction stage is the beginning of lead generation. It takes note of how information is being given and received to potential customers. It's important for business owners to know how they're currently driving traffic to their website and/or social media pages. The best way to get traffic to your site is by creating consumer-focused, SEO driven content. 


The second stage to successful marketing funnels is the nurture/engagement stage. This is where you can show off all your great content! Remember that at this stage your content must be dynamic and customer-specific. You can engage with a certain type of customer through landing pages, email drips/marketing, review management, and more.


At the conversion stage, your customer already has some intent. They understand what you're about and are interested in pursuing a purchase or offering further. At this stage, it's important to keep your customer's interest alive. Remember you haven't made a sale just yet! Be sure your customer is aware of why and how your business will satisfy their specific needs.


Now that you know how to attract and nurture your clients with inbound marketing, we are excited to share this crucial next step with you. It’s all about….DELIGHT!

Imagine getting to make someone’s day and grow your business all at once. You do this by achieving customer delight. Customer delight creates a memorable customer experience.

This is the part where you get to see all your hard work pay off! But first, you must exceed your customer’s expectations through exceptional branding, products, and customer service. You accomplish this by meeting your customer’s every need, wish, desire, etc.

It’s hard work but the results will be worth it! Customer approval can lead to future prospects and a better reputation. A simple way to know whether or not your Delight is on the right track is to see if/how many customers are responding to your events, surveys, email campaigns, or sending referrals.

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