Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19
 The surge of COVID-19 cases have impacted businesses nationwide. With new cases rising every day, healthcare marketers must respond to the challenges of the new normal. While healthcare marketers may not be on the front lines of fighting the novel coronavirus, their efforts will shape how internet users can receive and process information about their health.
There are a few healthcare marketing strategies to consider in response to COVID-19. An effective healthcare marketing system can improve the healthcare of the patients and improve management skills for the administration of public care systems Healthcare marketers must remain patient and flexible. Information both factual and false are changing by the hour. What potential patients consume will have an impact on how they locate a medical provider and how they choose to proceed.
Healthcare Marketing Strategies
Educate Your Followers
 More people are turning to their phones, computers, tablets, etc. for business and entertainment. Take advantage of potential clients’ downtime by educating your audience on your hospital’s brand and offerings. Marketers of all industries have turned to virtual learning to reach current and potential audience members. Virtual seminars are a great way to expand your audience’s knowledge.
Remember that now is not the time to wait. Now is the time to learn so we may build a healthier and brighter future for all.
Update Your Website and Business Listing
 In a time of crisis, businesses of all kinds must keep their customers up to date  Updating your hospital’s listing on Google My Business is a great healthcare marketing strategy for these times. A patient must know of any changes in location, hours, policies, etc.
Google My Business offers a COVID-19 info link so healthcare facilities can link their COVID-19 policies and information directly to their business page.
Google My Business offers plenty of resources for businesses impacted by COVID-19. One way to help patients reach you is to download the Google My Business app for direct communication. There are also many resources for healthcare providers to manage their practice’s info. Make sure your facility’s website is updated so that the COVID-19 update(s) are easy for visitors to find.
Evaluate Your Patients’ Experiences
Healthcare Marketing Strategies
As more hospitals are adapting to telehealth, the physician to patient experience has changed drastically. While Telehealth is not new, its current usage is unprecedented. Telehealth now helps preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) and reduce staff exposure to the novel coronavirus.
Customer service must remain exceptional in order to support long-distance clinical healthcare.
Evaluating customer service through feedback surveys is an excellent healthcare marketing strategy. Telehealth makes it easier to follow up with patients after a visitation. Consider reaching out to them with a feedback survey via phone or email. The results will help you know where your healthcare marketing strategy could use a little revamping.
Healthcare Marketing Strategies

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