Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following in 2020 Part II

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following in 2020-Part II


By now you know that there are many different ways to grow your Facebook following this year. In our last post on social media marketing strategies, we explored a couple of different organic reach strategies. Now you’re ready to learn how and why your business should invest in paid social media marketing strategies. Once you have a budget and a plan, you can grow your Facebook following in spades!


We recommend you familiarize yourself with organic reach strategies before moving on to more advanced strategies like paid Facebook advertising. If your business doesn’t have a strong Facebook audience you’ve grown organically, then your paid marketing efforts won’t get you very far. The Facebook Algorithm prioritizes content that appeals and is therefore relevant to its users.


Let’s get started!


Facebook Advertising 101



Grow Your Facebook Following


Investing in paid Facebook ads can help grow your Facebook following this year. However, if you don’t have a concrete social media marketing strategy, then your Facebook advertising efforts could prove fruitless.

The secret to creating a successful Facebook Ad is Targeting. Targeting helps ensure that your message reaches the right people. Successful targeting increases your following and lowers the cost of running the Facebook ads themselves. In 2020, what business big or small doesn’t want an improved ROI?

With over a billion users on Facebook creating and using every day, Targeting can feel like a daunting task.


 Successful Targeting in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Select Your Demographics



Ways to Grow Your Facebook Audience



2. Appeal to Your Audience’s Interests, needs, education levels, and more!



Ways to Grow Your Facebook Audience


Remember that Facebook only shows relevant content to its users. What determines the content’s relevance is a detailed history of users interests. Types of content that perform the best with users in the past are more likely to garner more attention in Newsfeed ads.


It’s important to note that these targeting strategies are just the basics. To strengthen your audience targeting, you want to get as specific as possible without alienating potential new followers/clients.


We recommend you invest your time into a number of free or paid Facebook Business courses that focus on Targeting. It’s important to get your targeting in proper shape before you move on to creating the ad itself.



Creating Your Perfect Facebook Ad



Ways to Grow Your Facebook Audience


Every perfect Facebook Ad has 3 ingredients:


  1. Copy
  • Text: Tells a story, asks a question. This gets users’ attention so they can tap into your “Why”
  • Headline: Bold description of what you’re offering. Should be less than 5 words
  • Newsfeed Link Description: Explains why your headline is important in more detail


 2. Image or Video: Should be bright, noticeable, and relevant to your business and what you’re offering. Check out these tips to selecting the perfect Facebook ad image


3. Call To Action: What users click on to receive, download, or sign-up for service. The CTA should be clear and no more than a couple of words.


And there you have it! Just following these simple steps for paid advertising can help take you to the next level of business prosperity. We can’t wait to hear about all the great things you’re going to do.

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