Effective Storytelling for Business in 3 Easy Steps

Effective Storytelling for Business in 3 Easy Steps

Think of a person or a business who had a huge influence on your business journey. What makes them stand out in your mind? Why do you care about their message? Do you want to share their message with the world? If yes, then chances are they have mastered effective storytelling for business. Every successful business started with an amazing story, and we’re here to help you tell yours today! The art of storytelling lets you empathize and relate to your audience. The best way to relate to your audience is to know your buyer persona inside out and utilize targeting 

Your audience includes individuals who will relate to your business’s story more than anything. Your story shows business transparency and can help build trust between current and future clients. Storytelling is easy. Just think back to why your business got started in the first place. What was missing in the world? How did you fix it?

Effective Storytelling for Business Must Include:

Character: Character helps make your story relatable and unique. One way to clarify your story’s overall character is to establish your business’s point of view. In traditional storytelling, there are 3 points of view: first, second, and third. There is no right or wrong point of view. It all depends on how you’d like to connect with your audience.

At MSDS Entrepreneurs, we connect via the second person point of view because we see our clients as partners in this ever-changing world of business growth and prosperity. We know how challenging it is for businesses, big and small, to get attention in the digital landscape. Communicating through the second person helps us establish that trust. Vulnerability:  While Data, trends, and strategies can help tell a story, you cannot achieve effective storytelling for business without showing some vulnerability. Though you may not realize it at first, vulnerability is one of the boldest acts of business leadership. Vulnerability can strengthen relationships among employees and show strong leadership skills.

Vulnerability is also the key to successful storytelling. While customers want to know why your business is relevant and effective, they want to know why you are the best at what you do. What did you have to overcome? What were a few setbacks? Chances are, potential clients and customers are currently facing the things you’ve had to overcome. Empathy:  Stories of all kinds have the power to generate empathy. They can transform biases, teach new lessons, and relate to a reader or buyer’s inner journey. Without empathy, your business story will not reach the minds and hearts of your audience.

Our CEO Dawood Kokawala  started MSDS because he believes that businesses of all sizes can change the world. At MSDS we believe it is our responsibility to add value to your business, and to directly acknowledge that we are not a good fit if we fail to do so. We believe in admitting when we are wrong and are not ashamed to take corrective measures. We believe in technology and its power to transform our clients’ dreams for their businesses into reality.

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