Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

 The surge of COVID-19 cases have impacted businesses nationwide. With new cases rising every day, healthcare marketers must respond to the challenges of the new normal. While healthcare marketers may not be on the front lines of fighting the novel coronavirus, their efforts will shape how internet users can receive and process information about their health.

There are a few healthcare marketing strategies to consider in response to COVID-19. An effective healthcare marketing system can improve the healthcare of the patients and improve management skills for the administration of public care systems Healthcare marketers must remain patient and flexible. Information both factual and false are changing by the hour. What potential patients consume will have an impact on how they locate a medical provider and how they choose to proceed.

Educate Your Followers

 More people are turning to their phones, computers, tablets, etc. for business and entertainment. Take advantage of potential clients’ downtime by educating your audience on your hospital’s brand and offerings. Marketers of all industries have turned to virtual learning to reach current and potential audience members. Virtual seminars are a great way to expand your audience’s knowledge. Remember that now is not the time to wait. Now is the time to learn so we may build a healthier and brighter future for all.

Update Your Website and Business Listing

 In a time of crisis, businesses of all kinds must keep their customers up to date  Updating your hospital’s listing on Google My Business is a great healthcare marketing strategy for these times. A patient must know of any changes in location, hours, policies, etc.

Google My Business offers a COVID-19 info link so healthcare facilities can link their COVID-19 policies and information directly to their business page.

Google My Business offers plenty of resources for businesses impacted by COVID-19. One way to help patients reach you is to download the Google My Business app for direct communication. There are also many resources for healthcare providers to manage their practice’s info. Make sure your facility’s website is updated so that the COVID-19 update(s) are easy for visitors to find.

Evaluate Your Patients’ Experiences

As more hospitals are adapting to telehealth, the physician to patient experience has changed drastically. While Telehealth is not new, its current usage is unprecedented. Telehealth now helps preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) and reduce staff exposure to the novel coronavirus.

Customer service must remain exceptional in order to support long-distance clinical healthcare. Evaluating customer service through feedback surveys is an excellent healthcare marketing strategy. Telehealth makes it easier to follow up with patients after a visitation. Consider reaching out to them with a feedback survey via phone or email. The results will help you know where your healthcare marketing strategy could use a little revamping.

10 Vital Features Every Medical Website Needs

Best website design for medical Facilities

A best website design for medical brings quality medical assistance to their clients. The correct mix of digital advertising and search engine optimization can lead to more patients to the site. For any medical website to run successfully, the following factors are essential:

A distinct value scheme in the headings:

The value proposition put up on the website is the most important feature of your website. It is usually displayed in a short sentence and delivers the type of quality to be expected by the customers. The proposition helps in saving time and a quick glance can summarize the website’s motives. Example: The given image is a website’s proposition. It clearly states the fact that it serves all dental care needs in a simple line.

Contact information and schedule timings:

Some patients prefer personal assistance and wish to visit the doctor. In such cases, the website should provide contact information of respective doctors for patients to easily access medical advice. Make sure the contact information is readily available on every page of your website for easy navigation for the patients. Along with the contact information, provide the working hours of the doctors. In this manner, the patient can book a slot with the doctor minus the waiting time. This process is time efficient and customers show much interest to your website.

Example: The following website provides the contact information bold as a gesture of highlighting and additionally, it provides a map to locate their hospital. This can be beneficial to the patients as it provides easy navigation.

Application forms for booking appointments:

The medical websites are enhancing the customer services by providing a timetable so that the patients can reach out to their preferred doctors on specific dates. This ensures that there is no overlap of appointments for a doctor. Patients can book a scheduled day and time for their visit. The online booking has been beneficial to both doctors and patients.

Example: The following website lets you have a private conversation with the doctor along with a calendar to book specific slots with convenience to the doctor.

Responsive design:

Responsive design is another important factor for your website. It takes the help of web designing techniques to give your website an elegant and eye-catchy look. If the website is attractive, it grabs the attention of the audience. A plain website would seem rather boring. The web design must be compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile apps. Since most of the go-to work is done on mobile phones it is necessary that the website looks appealing on mobile phones too. Example: The medical website below has used graphics, designs, shapes, and colors to make their website look attractive.

Specialized medical areas:

Patients usually search for medical websites when they are ill. Which is why it is necessary to mention who the doctors working at the practice are and what they specialize in, clearly on your website. This helps potential patients to consult with the respective doctors instead of going through multiple websites' profiles. The area of practice should be clearly mentioned and elaborated on to be easily understood by the audience.

Example: The following website clearly mentions each and every area of expertise offered at the clinic. It further provides additional information on every subject. This narrows down the choices for the patient and reduces time.

Your credentials:

Every patient wishes to know about the doctor who would potentially be treating their health issues. To make the patients trust their doctor, the practitioner’s credentials must be provided on the website. This helps the patient understand the doctor in a better way. Providing a medical background of the doctor can help the patient identify the expertise of the doctor. Since the increasing number of fraudulent acts online, this approach of laying out each employees credentials increases the reliability of your website. Example: This website provides information on each and every doctor and their area of expertise.

Patient resource section:

Basic appointment procedures, accepted health insurance, patient instructions, and patient forms are provided in this section. On patient portals, additional educational information can be provided as per convenience.

Patient testimonials:

By providing patient testimonials on your website, viewers' trust is solidified as nowadays conformity bias plays a large role in how people choose services. These testimonials can be displayed on the homepage or on a separate page altogether for direct accessibility.


A blog can provide useful and necessary information regarding the website. Notifications can be sent to patients through the blog along with new event updates or practices while also establishing credibility amongst users.

Payment Information:

Every medical site should list the acceptable payment methods such as credit cards, cash or personal checks along with the insurance providers accepted so that patients can come prepared for their appointments.

Since websites attract audiences by their overall aesthetic and features, we here at MSDS Entrepreneurs can help you design your dream website with our specialized skills and certified employees. We strive to give you the best experience in web designing while helping to make your vision come to life. Our web designing experts will help you meet your goal in order to create the website you've been wishing for.