Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2020

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With 1 billion users and 25 million businesses, Instagram has become a top destination for marketers. By now your business should be active on Instagram. A surefire way to see the results you desire is to understand the best Instagram marketing strategies for 2020. Pay attention to the following strategies and get ready to grow your brand!
An Instagram marketing strategy falls under your monthly and/or annual social media marketing strategy. Your Instagram marketing strategy includes a list of concrete goals and an easy to follow implementation process like an editorial calendar. Like other forms of social media, Instagram is constantly changing so your goals may change over time depending on what you want to achieve. The most common Instagram marketing goals for a business is to increase followers and brand awareness.
Best Instagram Marketing Strategies
Much like Facebook marketing, Instagram allows you to grow your audience through organic and paid reach. Remember that no matter which option you choose, quality content is king. Your content proves that your business is knowledgable, approachable, and trustworthy.
Now, time for the best Instagram marketing strategies for your business that you can implement today.
Create a Business Profile – First things first. If you don’t have a Instagram business profile, you need to get one asap. Your business profile is where you will post regular updates, communicate with current and potential customers, and connect with other businesses in your industry. Setting up a Instagram business profile in 2020 is easy. If you need assistance, check out this helpful tutorial 

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies
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Optimize Your Instagram Bio- Your Instagram bio is one of the first things users will see when they visit your business page. Think of it like your business’s first impression. Consider what kind of impression you want to make. A successful Instagram Bio includes info that’s helpful and fun to read. Make sure your bio includes a concise description of your company as well as what you intend to share on your page. This helps people know why they should follow you. If there’s room, you can include relevant hashtags and emojis to increase engagement. Be sure to add your company’s URL so users can easily get to your website.
Best Instagram Marketing Strategies
Use Instagram Stories: Instagram’s story feature has a HUGE engagement rate. In a nutshell, Instagram stories include short short video clip(s), image(s), with texts, emojis, links, and more used to grow your brand. Through Instagram Stories, you can prompt people to engage with you by hosting contests, asking questions, taking a Yes or No poll, or giving a preview of an upcoming product or sale.
Instagram stories only last for twenty-four hours so they create a sense of urgency. You can save important or memorable stories to the “highlights” section on your profile so users can re-watch at any time.
Best Instagram Marketing Strategies
Experiment with IGTV- This is Instagram’s standalone video application available for smartphones. Most videos on Instagram’s feed only allow for 15-20 seconds. IGTV lets you create much longer videos so you can share with your Instagram audience. Video content is becoming more important in the social media marketing world. IGTV allows you to create promos, host interviews, Q&As, and more!

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Best Instagram Marketing Strategies


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