5 Home Staging Trends for 2020

5 Home Staging Trends for 2020

As we enter a brand new year, most people are looking for ways to reinvent themselves or make personal improvements. The new year is also a great time to embrace fresh trends in home decorating and design. 
Home staging helps potential buyers to see a space as their own. It is especially useful in helping them envision ways to use unique spaces within a home. According to a recent survey of real estate agents conducted by Homelight.com, 83% of agents said that a staged home sells faster than an unstaged home. 
While most Realtors agree that staging a home helps it to sell more quickly, and often for higher amounts, not all staging is effective. There are particular design and decor options that buyers find appealing. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Home Staging Design Trends for real estate agents and professional home stagers. 

1. Earthtones and Neutrals

Using the word neutral in design can conjure visions of boring or dull spaces, but neutral shades can be just as exciting as bright colors. Brighter hues are often a distraction for buyers. Keeping a design palette neutral in home staging is a good way to avoid isolating buyers. To make using neutrals fun, play with bold patterns and mixed textures. These are two excellent ways to make a room decorated in earth tones more vibrant and engaging.

MSDS Earthtone/neutrals
@ traditional home. Earthtone/Neutrals

2. Conversation Areas

Buyers want open floor plans and spaces where they can comfortably converse with guests and family. If your property has a bedroom with a large area of empty space, consider creating a conversation area. It’s as simple as arranging two chairs in close proximity with a small accent table. Large living rooms are another great place to create a natural conversational flow by grouping multiple social spaces. 

Conversational Area
@ homedit.com

3. Minimalist Design 

You’ve heard the saying “Less is more,” and that’s true when it comes to home staging. Staging a home is an added expense for the agent or buyer, and sometimes, there isn’t much room in the budget to create an extravagant setting. Also, having a space with too many furniture pieces and accessories can distract from what you really want to sell- the home. For those reasons, minimalist design is a win-win in the world of home staging. Pare down on decorative details and showcase the home and its rooms in a simplistic form. 

Minimalist Design
@ Photo by: Colt Verret for Zillow.com


4. Artistic Light Fixtures

In 2020, buyers want well-lit houses, but every home isn’t built with the features necessary to let in an abundance of natural light. If you are facing a similar challenge, stage the room with unique light fixtures. Encourage your sellers to replace outdated, hard-wired fixtures with artistic light fixtures that can create a stunning focal point in any room. 

Artistic light fixture
@Source: Lamps Plus

5. Combined Metals

In years past, Americans preferred matching furniture and fixtures throughout their homes, but times have changed. One of the newest design trends is combining mismatched metals to create visual interest in bathrooms and kitchens. Start by choosing a predominant metal for faucets, then add in one or two mixed metals on accent pieces like mirror frames and light fixtures.

Mix Match Metal
@ pbs.twimg.com


MSDS Entrepreneurs is committed to helping real estate agents sell more houses. For a complete look at the services we provide, visit our Realtor Solutions page.

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