2020 Facebook Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

2020 Facebook Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

2020 Facebook Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore
Is Your Business Making Use of These Top Facebook Marketing Trends

Facebook trends may come and go, but one thing remains the same: your business needs a Facebook marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing is an effective form of inbound marketing. Like other social media channels, Facebook lets you connect with your audience through entertaining and informative content.
But it’s not enough to just post content on your Facebook page and hope it sticks. The ever-changing Facebook algorithm makes it difficult for your content to get prioritized in the newsfeed. Business owners are competing for their audience’s attention, and if you don’t have the right strategy, your content may get lost in the crowd.

The good news is, there are a few Facebook marketing trends you can implement today. These trends will help your business get noticed no matter what stage you are in your career. At MSDS we recommend all business owners active on Facebook engage in the following:

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are great for business! Groups are perfect for marketing because they unite people who share a common interest or goal. In other words, when it comes to lead generation, Facebook Groups set you up for success. We recommend that your business creates a Group and invite people who match your target customer. This is a great way to learn about your audience in a fun and helpful way. You can monitor the questions group members ask and respond directly.
Be sure to make your Members feel welcome. Facebook Groups help your target audience feel included. An effective way to make your Members feel special, is to welcome individual ones in a Group post with a promotional offering.

An Increase in Facebook Stories

Social Media Stories are growing in popularity. And for a good reason. 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily, and many of them are checking their Facebook Stories. If you’re worried about your posts not getting many views, consider adding them to your Story to gain more traction. There are many fun and helpful Story ideas. From videos to quizzes, Stories are a surefire way to connect with your audience.

More Focus on Small Businesses

Facebook has seen an increase in small business owner usage, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “Over the next decade, we hope to build the commerce and payments tools so that every small business has easy access to the same technology that previously only big companies have had.”
If there’s one thing small businesses need this year, it’s more support! COVID-19 has negatively impacted small business owners world-wide. The good news is there are many tools and resources at your disposal to get through these times. The best thing business owners can do during these times, is to make sure their marketing strategies are effective and go a long way. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed!

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